Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people have at least one or two flaws, including gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, "gummy" smiles, chips, cracks, discolored teeth, or other issues. Some of these problems are quick and easy for a dentist to remedy, such as teeth whitening. Others require the special training and techniques offered by a cosmetic dentist.

Turner and Turner Family Dentistry has a variety of methods and materials to correct most any imperfection from simple whitening to whole mouth make-overs. In addition to teeth bleaching and laser whitening, some of these procedures include bonding, porcelain veneers, filling replacements, and gum altering.

Bonding can repair a single chipped tooth or improve the appearance of an entire smile by filling gaps between teeth, whitening, and replacing old amalgam or gold fillings with a naturally colored filling. The composite bonding material is applied to teeth, shaped as desired, then hardened with a high intensity light.

Porcelain veneers can result in a quick and striking smile make-over. Veneers correct stained, chipped, and crooked teeth, even correcting teeth that are too big or too small, with the placement of porcelain or composite veneers on the surface of existing teeth. The result is a white, bright smile and straight, perfect teeth done is as little as three appointments.

For those who have excessively "gummy" smiles, or overgrown gums, cosmetic gum alteration can be done to perfect the smile by cosmetic dentists with this specialty and experience. Receding gums can also be treated by grafting to provide a more healthy and youthful appearance.

Whatever the dental flaws you may have been born with or resulted over time, you can have that Hollywood Smile with the help of a cosmetic dentist. For some examples check out our before and after gallery.